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  • Regions Equivalent: 238

  • Grid Status: Online
    Total Regions: 105
    Today visitors: 98
    Visitors (30 Days): 976
    Total Residents: 247
    Online Now: 10
    Hypergriders online: 5

    Latest Users

    • Limanski
    • juicy vyper
    • Eileen
    • Santos
    • Fabia

    Grid infos

    Simulator: OpenSim
    Version: Zeus GL
    Mode: Grid
    Access: Public
    Rating: Mature
    Hypergrid: Enable
    Voice: Enable
    Money: Enable
    Physics: Bulletsim
    Scripts: XEngine


    Login URI

    Login URI:
    HG Login URI:

    Who's Online

    We have 436 guests and one member online


    Create a new event

    Error: no valid land found

    New events can be created only on land:

    1. you own
    2. is owned by a group where you are member with a role that has group land access
    3. is set to public land by the grid master