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  • Regions Equivalent: 238

  • Grid Status: Online
    Total Regions: 61
    Today visitors: 71
    Visitors (30 Days): 888
    Total Residents: 276
    Online Now: 0
    Hypergriders online: 0

    Latest Users

    • jamesearly
    • Senpai
    • Torben Asp
    • Ayanna Nyheri

    Grid infos

    Simulator: OpenSim
    Version: Zeus GL
    Mode: Grid
    Access: Public
    Rating: Mature
    Hypergrid: Enable
    Voice: Enable
    Money: Enable
    Physics: Bulletsim
    Scripts: XEngine


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    Who's Online

    We have 861 guests and one member online


    Regions Rentals

    Regions Rentals
    Regions Rentals
    For any info how you rent the region pm inworld to Mayor Honeymoon or you can send me email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any info.
    To Order Your a Region

    The default configuration on all regions is flat land over the whole area 21 meters high. Sea level is 20 meters. As a full region owner, you can terriform the land any way that you like.